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About me

“The moment you accept what troubles you the door will open” – Rumi

My name is Fredrik Niclasen and my journey to working with health from a holistic perspective has evolved from the experiences and opportunities that life has presented to me.

All of our journeys in life are unique and interesting in their own way. Mine went from a lifestyle based on searching for gratification and happiness from the outside world to an inner journey that started 15 years ago when the path I was on started becoming detrimental to both my mind and body.

At the time, I was on the path of creating a career within the corporate world where I, as a young driven business graduate, was eager to climb the career ladder. Pushing myself to work in prestigious multinational firms in accounting, strategic consulting and the pharmaceutical industry.

However, somewhere along the way I had lost myself as well as everything that was dear to me and my heart. Due to my raw determination and stubbornness, I had continued to push myself until my body unfortunately reached its breaking point. By working endlessly to achieve my goals that I thought would in turn bring me happiness I had ignored my intuition and the signals from my body.

This chaotic period in my life helped to awaken an interest in an in-depth exploration of the body, mind, and spirit as a means of self-exploration, healing, and how everything in essence is connected. This exploration also lead me to explore stress therapy, psychology, yoga, meditation, dance, vedanta and alternative medicine worldwide.

Craniosacral Therapy was a method that I became interested in during a yoga instructor course in Bali. I was intrigued by this particular type of therapy, and how a such a subtle treatment could have such a deep and profound healing effect on the body. After my initial encounter with this type of treatment I decided to educate myself more about Craniosacral Therapy. This interest lead me to study under different teachers from all over the world. Eventually, after my passion for this type of treatment grew, I decided to enroll myself in a intensive two-year course to become a certified Craniosacral therapist.

One of the things that has influenced my growth and development as a person during this journey is the importance of being in environments where we feel safe and are encouraged to express ourselves in a more authentic and vulnerable way. To feel completely at ease with our true essence and welcome it wholeheartedly. One of my most important duties as a therapist is providing this safe space during the treatment.

The lessons and insights that were discovered on this journey have developed into a strong sense of empathy and a deeper understanding of the connection between mind, body, and soul — which I bring with me into the treatment room.

I am a member of kraniosakrala terapeutförbundet kstf.se since 2018