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The session

What to expect

“The sorrow that has no went in tears may make other organs weep” – Henry Moseley

The session begins with a short dialogue with the client to discuss what led them to seek out this type of treatment and their medical background. It can be physical, mental as well as spiritual reasons.

After the initial conversation, the client is welcomed to lay comfortably on their back on the massage table whilst being fully clothed.

On the massage table the client is led into a deepened and relaxed state and I place my hands on the body and listen to the body and its subtle signals. From this information (and the information from the clients background) I get guided to certain focus points of the body and through this assist and create preconditions for the body to start a healing process. Thus, allowing itself to regenerate on a cellular level.

Sensations during the treatment are individual and may vary. Common sensations felt can be either subtle or strong in nature and can occur both as physical and/or emotional. Towards the end of the treatment, one can experience a deep sense of relaxation and the body being centered and grounded

After the treatment time is given for integration, as well as recommendations/suggestions to the client to further assist and deepen the healing process.